A United Eco Journey through Europe to the future

Carbon is in every living thing. In our modern world we are producing an excessive amount. We need to reduce the amount of gases we produce, to prevent further global warming. The underlying idea of this international partnership, that involves children from aged 3 to 14 from 8 countries (Poland, England, Portugal, Cyprus, Romania, Sicily, Turkey and Greece), is to work on supporting and educating them and their communities to become better global citizens. This is a global issue and affects all countries. Therefore, we aim to work together, and learn from one another to tackle this issue, which is emphasised in our title 'A United Eco Journey Through Europe to the Future'. At the beginning of the project each school will complete a survey of their school/community to establish current knowledge, understanding and practice. Teachers will consider, produce and discuss work on practices in the country being visited. By working multilaterally and combining expertise and sharing experiences we will support children to change attitudes and lifestyles. Children will learn more about environmental issues effecting their community and beyond, and begin to change attitudes in order to create a cleaner, healthier and happy future. Each step of the project will have a final product which will be shared by all in the form of a brochure, logo eco competition, comic strip stories, calendar, dictionary, DVD, planting of comenius trees, eco-guide, e-book and website. The final impact of the project will be evaluated through conducting the initial survey again. At the end of the project the brochure will be distributed in the community of all countries and a 'comenius corner' will be set up in each school to show the community the work that has been completed over the two years.