Medieval Era Evolves Today

History has always played a significant role in promoting culture, especially the Medieval History because it is considered one of the most important crossroads in the progress of humanity. The aim of our project is to bring in front of our students the image of the past history, searching remains of the past , reviving typical customs or "relive" that period again discovering the techniques they used in arts and the everyday life, developing their skills in the field of the History of Arts, painting, architecture, cloth design and medieval music. During the project the students will make researchers in the field of medieval arts history, then we will organize 4 workshops: "The Medieval City as the centre of the crossroads", " The Customs of the Medieval", "The Medieval Costume" and the "The Medieval Rythms", in which the students will develop their creativity and skills, transposing the theoretical knowledge in products from the domain of painting, architecture, cloth design and music, realizing exhibitions, informational posters, musical performances .Different European schools have come together in this project to stimulate the pupils towards working and learning together, develop their own inspiration and creativity as well as to conceive people's need and capability to "build" culture.In addition, the project pursues the aim of improving the communication abilities of the pupils and developing educational exchange between European schools.The ongoing development of this project will be disseminated through the internet and the ever day lessons using the materials of this cooperation by students and teachers, too.