Far away, yet so close. Strategies for inclusion.

The aim of this project is to provide students with necessary strategies to move confidently in the context of the new wave of immigration in the EU.The ultimate goal is for students in communities receiving immigrants to achieve the necessary tools to welcome newcomers without discrimination or xenophobia; and the students immigrating to acquire information and develop skills that will facilitate their installation into their new community with mutual respect and understanding .In order for these objectives to be attained, the students and teachers in all schools will work in close cooperation throughout the project. We aim to achieve different objectives by carrying out a variety of differentiated tasks.Since emigration/immigration is a two-way process, students will have to explore this dual reality: hosting society versus emigrants.Students will analyse integration versus inclusion in society, studying important waves of immigration throughout history and what can be learned and improved in today’s society.Students will analyse situations of discrimination, for example, stereotypes associated with immigration and different European cultures and identities. They will look at reasons for prejudice, and appropriate actions to combat it. All students from all schools will carry out activities so as to demonstrate that culture and identity of other countries is an added value and not something to be feared or despised.The project will highlight the responsibility of all when tackling discrimination and stategies to develop understanding on an individual, social and political level: if discrimination continues, there will be a clear hindrance to developing harmonious and inclusive societies, and on a bigger scale, to the ultimate purpose of the EU.