Don't ring the bell!

Self-regulation as well as self-evaluation skills are proportional to the level of success and happiness students will experience in their lifetime. Self-discipline and self-control is not about punishment or even about an abstinent lifestyle. It is the ability of the individual to set priorities and consciously decide on actions, thoughts and behaviors that result in personal development instead of instant satisfaction.What does the “ringing of the bell” mean?In fact, bells are alarms that go off before and/or after a period. They are time signals that signify a start, a stop, an obligation, a transition, an order that must be obeyed or a warning. At school the bell usually defines learning time to achieve some goals. Do students need bells? Do we need bells at school?Do bell ringers play an important role in our everyday life? (Advantages/disadvantages) How far is the school bell to blame for our students’ lack of responsibility, self-confidence, self-discipline, self-control and readiness for decision-making and initiative-taking?Curricular integrationThis project entails applying skills that are related to Language, Literature, English as a Foreign Language, ICTs and Mathematics. In addition, some insight can be drawn from the subjects of European Studies, Sociology, Philosophy, Economy and Psychology.