ESEMES - Educational Software and E-learning in Math for European Students

ESEMES is a multidisciplinary project, in which students will use different math freeware in solving applied math problems together and compare their findings. An e-learning platform will be used to collaborate across borders through English. The project will be part of normal lessons. It will help and challenge mathematics students to improve whilst also preparing them for further studies in third level education. Using freeware means more students and teachers in each school can take part in the project. The project will also be used in the promotion of the school in surrounding areas. The exchange of views among the participants is not only limited to a professional level but also gives rise to the possibility of all participants getting to know other school systems and cultures. At the end of the project students and teachers should have improved their ICT skills, worked in international pairings and improved their proficiency in the common language of the project. They should also see that math can be included in other subjects and is a very useful tool. Participants will have gained insight into different cultures and have developed teamwork skills and fostered a sense of responsibility to others.