ECO PALS planned partnership is to develop the idea of sustainable development and emphasize an influence of each individual on our environment. The project activities will integrate children at school: without problems and the children from disadvantaged and under-represented groups: including ethnic minorities, migrants, Roma children, children with special educational needs and from socially and economically deprived areas. Under the name of ECO PALS will be pupils, teachers and members of the society who will be giving advice, sharing experience and supporting each other to cut across the boundaries between societies to create responsible and tolerant Europeans who will believe that sustainable development is the only direction for future. The project will support 21st Century skills , MFL ( modern foreign language) provision and ICT development. All school are currently involved in e-Twinning project Save Europe Make it a Better Place. During the preparatory visit we planned the following activities:-Create a common website ECO PALS. Every registered member will be able to create its avatar and use the webpage. On this page there will be Power Point presentations, Prezis and pictures, hiking trails maps. The Eco Pals will meet online and chat. The page will be devoted to knowing and protecting natural environment and language learning.- create audio-visual dictionary with pictures and pronunciations of the key words connected with nature conservation to improve the level of learning languages.-create a Laboratory of Five Senses to share the results and integrate the children with differen needs.- create An ECO-SEN ( an interactive course book with worksheet, quizzes and lesson plans to work with the children with the special educational needs).