Mathematics and the recipe that reunites our family

2014 – it is declared the European Year for the reconciliation between Professional Life and Family Life. Generally, family members are called at school to contribute next to the teachers to their children’s education. Through this project school aims to family and by its help tries to determine students to assimilate Maths notions connected to percentages and measures directly proportional and connected to our region traditional kitchen as to that of our partners too. Parents are encouraged to spend pleasant and useful moments within their family after their work program, in which to use grandparents’ experience for their children’s benefit and for family benefit in general. After this project ongoing, students and their families will know better their traditions and those of their partners from the culinary point of view and they will feel closer to them. The gained experience will be for the benefit of all: students, school, family, society.Each partner will suggest 3 to 5 traditional recipes from the region he lives in. Recipes will be suggested by their grandparents. In order to do that, students have to make researches, to work together, to cooperate, to make decisions, to translate texts, to calculate, to write texts, etc. Recipes will also be accompanied by photos or drawings.Students will also film the way they put into practice one of the recipes suggested by them and one of the recipes suggested by their partners. Recipes will be translated into English or French.Students will solve some Maths problems related to the recipes in the project suggested by their teachers. Problems will make references to the matters of percentages, proportionality, geometrical calculation related to lenghts and areas.Each teacher will propose a contest having as theme „Mathematics and the recipe that reunites our family”. He will also give prizes for each team.On 15th of May, when it is celebrated the International Family Day, in each school the project will be celebrated and its activities diseminated, in the students’, their families’, school managers’, mass media guests’ presence.Finally, with the parents’ help, a book will be printed, a book containing the project activities