Active@living green

If we want to save our planet we have to learn how to live in a greener way. And perhaps we can do this by building passive houses.But a Norwegian passive house is not a Belgian passive house and not a Latvian passive house and not even an Italian passive house. Our students want to find out what the differences are and how these influence the overall ecological footprint of an average Norwegian, Belgian, Latvian and Italian family. In a computer game they want to use this newly acquired knowledge to inform secondary school students about the ecological impact of their lifestyle and motivate them to take the right measures to make this footprint lighter. At the same time the construction of 4 6 square metre models of Italian, Norwegian, Latvian and Belgian type passive houses will give students and teachers a deeper insight into the different building techniques and materials used and at the same time their effectiveness by conducting a blower-door airtightness test.