Let's organize a "fun days" in our schools!

Would you like to participate to a collaborative project with us? I'm a teacher trainer in primary and preprimary schools in the south of France. From september, I will work as an Educational Advisor. I deal with foreign languages, bilingual Education, european programmes (Comenius) and anything related to the promotion of languages and cultures throughout Europe. I am an eTwinning Ambassador in Montpellier. In the schools from my district, we organized last year several school days in the foreign language learned by the pupils (english for most of schools, german, spanish, italien from some of them). During one day (called "fun day", "Erlebnistag", "Dia de fiesta" or "Giorno di festa"), the pupils of a whole school (or only some levels) spend the day participating to various workshops (sport, singing, cooking, role plays, playing traditionnal playground games, storytelling, playing with an IWB, answering cultural quizz, etc) in a total foreign language immersion. These workshops are led by the teachers and native speakers, assistants, pupils parents, etc The children learn by doing and with fun! I would like to share the content of this various workshop with teachers or pedagogical advisors throughout Europe and enrich a data bank of workshop contents in several languages and receipe step by step, so that a school can easily organize such a day several times a year (also in french if your pupils learn french). To give you an idea from what a "fun day" is, have a look here:http://prezi.com/bon4r_h2xiib/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy (fun day)http://prezi.com/_pgte9ps19ep/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy (giorno di festa)If you have interest in this project, I can send you some more documents for the organization from "fun days".I really hope to hear from you soon. I will be glad to hear your ideas too.Best regards from France.