"Different tales, common values with initiative children!"

We aim in our project 1- to bridge 10 countries through tales to prevent future prejudice among European nations and to ensure friendship,tolerance,social and cultural cohesion with education of universal values2-to develop sense of initiative and entrepreneurship of nursery school children aged 3-6.Pupils will be aware of participating countries' traditional folk dances ,people and food through tales ,develop tolerance and friendship;so we will strenghten the role of lifelong learningParticipating nations will learn each other's traditional local tales and teach their own tale.Pupils will draw the pictures of tales and send them to the participating nations' pupils with their names and adresses on them and it will lead to a long term friendship and social-cultural cohesion.Also we will discover and develop sense of initiative, and entrepreneurship of nursery school children through some enjoyable activities:drama,art exhibition,theatre,writing a new tale book based on universal values like friendship,empathy,tolerance,respect,making objects from clay and waste materials related with tales ,presenting the products that pupils make in a fair.Besides,a seminar will be organised for parents and local community to guide on how to behave 3-6 year old children according to Erikson's Stages of Psychosocial Development.