Let's play together

Our project is planned as a Comenius multilateral partnership project for 8-12 years old pupils and their teachers. It will follow two lines. The first line is the exchange of experiences among teachers. We will concentrate on using didactic games and new teaching methods in process of teaching at primary schools. We plan to touch the main subjects at primary school such as English, mother languages, Math, Science/History, Art, PE and Music .Our target is to create the DATABASE OF DIDACTIC GAMES tested, verified and evaluated by all partners -teachers and pupils- and which will be easy to use in all European schools. The second line is concerned on the development of communication and social skills among pupils. We would like to bring new motivation to our lessons. We want to show the new possibilities of effective communication and the usage of school knowledge in the real life context. We plan to organise chat and mail exchange, workshops, quizzes and local trips for our students. Some of them will also have an opportunity to visit partners' countries and to use their English in practice. We aim to open our students' minds for different cultures, languages and people. Our pupils are very young and that is why we decided to work with easy structure as the riddles and short messages. Our goal is to create the CHILDREN’S RIDDLE BOOK. We will also have an opportunity to get to know the Educational Systems of our partners schools and their culture, traditions and history during the process of our cooperation. We chose the eTwinning platform for our communication because it is a safe space for children and there are many useful digital tools for collaboration. We are sure that our cooperation will also bring the improvement of digital literacy to all participants.