Education for Energy in Europe

Saving environment by using renewable energy and saving natural resources is very actual topic today. Therefore the aim of the project is to raise awareness of students about energy through focusing on two basic topics:1.natural resources, their products, renewable energy, sustainable development, 2.resources used for producing fuel for different vehicles, CO2 quotas. First year students will study natural resources, renewable energy for heating (solar, wind, hydro, geothermal energy, biofuel), reduction of energy needs, house insulation, energy class of equipment. To find out what kind of heating is used at homes a questionnaire is created, a study is carried out. Heating periods are compared, statistics is done how much families spend on heating in each partner country. Second year we focus on how to keep environment clean of CO2, selling quotas etc: different types of transportation and fuel (electric cars and bikes, buses, planes etc). Students will build future town, electric cars in robotics and organize car contests. Visits to different car factories, power stations and labs are organized. As science and maths have mostly been area of boys, the project is focused on rising also girls' interest towards these studies through involving them actively to the activities. Project is a good way to lessen school failure, to involve students with special needs through more attractive lessons and activities. Subjects like maths, science, ICT, technology, robotics, foreign language, manual training, art are integrated. Educational materials and games, worksheets for exercises in maths, physics, chemistry, foreign language are created. All activities and materials are presented on a common web page and etwinning project, shared with partner schools.