Europe on a string

This Comenius partnership is based on artistic expression in education. We think that working with local puppets stimulates our pupils to develop their imaginations and creativity. We will promote freedom of expression, feelings and values as well as promoting the respect of different languages and cultures through the puppet show. This project is a multilateral partnership which involves 9 European pre primary and primary schools from different countries: Belgium, Spain, UK, France, Turkey, Czech Rep. and Finland. This project would allow us to not only learn more about the educational systems of each participating country, but about the cultural entity of each as well. The project will revolve around puppet show, which will provide a fountain of knowledge that will permit us to become more familiar with each culture. Our project aims at discovering different aspects of culture, traditions, history and folklore in the partner countries through the eyes of different local puppets (regional, folkloristic figures). These puppets tell their stories and travel to the partner countries and carry an assignment with them. The children are asked to perform the assignment. Throughout the project the culture and folklore of the partner countries will be discovered. The results of this process will be put on the project twinspace. We will target ICT development through using multimedia tools such as eTwinning, email, video-mail, eggie talk, Skype, ppts, producing a blog, creating DVD’s, creating ppts, photobooks, puppet-movies and puppet-cartoons. The children will engage actively in designing a logo, writing stories, building different puppet-theaters, creating different kinds of puppets, designing strips, exchanging objects of nation.