Europe-so many faces

We are working together and are making intercultural dialogue since 3 years and we still have what to share for our cultures.We have already created three books in our partners collection.IN this project we will create two more books in English language.1.We will prepare European Cookery Book there will be Evening of European cuisine - every partner will prepare dishes from partners cuisine- after assignment the participating countries between the partners.The evening will be with the parents Every partner will prepare a movie as a TV show to present different dishes from the assigned partners countries cuisine- 3 or 4 countries cuisine.It will be as real cooking TV show program and will be in English.We will prepare e-book and printed book again2.We will prepare an European Guide Book.Every partner will choose 5 remarkable places in their country ,illustrate them and prepare a Power Point presentation for them. Then we will create -book and printed book again.There will be video questions and quiz game too and skype meetings between the students and teachers