WILL, Wonderful Ideas for Learning Languages

Our project will encourage language learning in the relaxed and informal atmosphere of the clubs through playing, singing, dancing, drama, art, craft and computers. The teachers will motivate and stimulate the pupils by providing them with creative, challenging activities and real situations for the use of their English. At the beginning of the project the kids will design and create a project mascot called Will who is an English Expert as he knows English grammar and vocabulary very well. The mascot will help the pupils during the project and will be a reminder for every task and activity they will do in their lessons and their project. He will visit all the countries with secret messages for each school. Will is not only the name of our mascot, but it also stands for Wonderful Ideas for Learning Languages, knowing which is essential in achieving language goals. In order to promote learning English, help the kids in getting better results and give them opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge, we will organize school English competitions in which Will will be one of the jury members and the announcer of their results.