Biodiversity Conservation The Only Path To Our Survival

The partner schools have already met for a preparatory meeting where they agreed that for the partner schools it is important to raise the awareness about the importance of biodiversity among their students. In order to achieve our main objective each participant is going to focus on some problems of biodiversity and environmental issues in their regions. Therefore the main aims of this project are to point at the possible consequences of the decrement of local biodiversity and also to deal with endangered species of plants and animals, healthy lifestyle, natural touristic attractions, active forms of leisure activities, to show the connection between nature and the activity of human beings.One of the most important activities is to organise series of different field work in every country in different environments - cities, mountains, forests, and seaside. We would also share all used methods of the field work because methodical exchange is a very important element of our collaboration. Teachers of different subjects in each school are going to participate - Biology, Geography, ICT and Foreign Languages since they will be able to practice their foreign language outside their usual classes when talking to their partners from different countries.While working on this project we would like to find and use many methods for developing the social competence. We see this as one of the problems of our education where students are not taught how to cooperate with schools from other countries and how to deal with problems and solve them. By visiting other countries the students will be given the opportunity to learn about different cultures, traditions and they will learn how to tolerate other cultures and how to take responsibility for themselves and also for others.