Discover, understand and appreciate

The project is going to take a fresh look at the problem of dealing with local history and traditional culture in school environment. It also wants to answer the question that many teachers ask: how to do it in an attractive way which enables teenagers not simply learn but to discover traditional local culture and so appreciate it. As the result it aims to:1) change teenagers attitude towards the process of learning, tradition as well as mass culture and let them understand their parents' and grandparents' generation2) enable schools to study their students' learning preferences and so work out teaching materials, lessons and activities which will be used in the future and will meet students ......We believe that to achieve the goals of the project it is important to consider interests of teenagers in the process of acquiring knowledge. So at the beginning of the project schools will prepare and conduct a school questionnaires which will give the students' ideas and opinions about learning and discovering local culture in school environment. Further during the project all the participants, teachers and students, will discuss methods of teaching and learning traditional culture in an attractive way and try to adjust the suggested solutions to the existing teaching programmes. To achieve this goal it will be crucial to promote close cooperation between students and teachers in creating new teaching materials, e.g. lesson plans, presentations, audio and video recordings. Some of them will be used during mobilities to let teenagers from other countries discover the regions they visit and also will be assessed by them in accordance with their attractiveness for young people.