The smell of Bulgarian roses in the air of Berlin

Self-orientated and cross-linked learning is a very important key aim to improve pupils qualification for a future successful participation at the European Community. Students will work together and will find important topics to develop online-tutorials. Stefka is an enthusiastic teacher of "Computer graphics" and ICT in Art School, Kazanlak, BULGARIA. ART SCHOOL of Kazanlak is a state school with national range, which provides initial vocational training in industrial and interior design, fine arts and luthiery. Kazanlak is the center town of Bulgaria known as “The capital of roses & Thracian kings”. There are very creative students, aged 14-19 at the school with a focus on visual arts like model making, illustration, painting, photography, sculpture, and graphic design. The school is a centre of excellence of picture editing with photoshop.Alfons is always interested to learn new skills and to teach these skills. So the project-idea was born: The students of the Art school in Kazanlak will develop video-tutorials to teach the Berlin pupils how to use Photoshop in a professional way. After a period of teaching and learning and cooperation the students of both schools will create an idea to design a corporate work of art. This project was provided by the “Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jugend und Wissenschaft”. The Schule an der Haveldüne was allowed to buy 16 school-licences of photoshop.