The World's Teddy Bear Day's

25 th of November is the World’s Teddy Bear day. The Teddy is children’s friend, so we can’t forget about our friend’s birthday.The main idea of the project is a teddy bear- a toy which accompanies children for many years. A teddy bear is not only just a toy, it is “ someone” who is very patient carfull and indispensable. Teddies accompany children when they are happy or sad. They listen to kids secrets, wipe their tears or help than to fall asleep. It doesn’t matter if an ear is torn partly or the color has faded. If the older teddy older is the more precious it is for a child.When playing it can be come a mum or a dad, a son , a driver or a policeman who gives a child a ticket. Only a child’s imagination can change a typical teddy into a “ hero”.We are celebriting !- “ The World’s Teddy Bear Day”.