Ecology United:all People for an Open and Rich Europe

Renewable energy has become a priority for some governments and emerging economies. Countries are increasingly recognizing the potential role of it within a portfolio of low-carbon and cost-competitive energy technologies capable of responding to the new major challenges of climate change, energy security, and access to energy.This has encouraged the 8 partners from different regions of Europe to design a project aimed at promoting knowledge and understanding of the importance of environmental education, the devastating effects of pollution and traffic and how renewable energies could be a way out.Students and teachers will work together, and with the other partners, on topics which are both important in EU politics and also interesting for students.Each school will concentrate on their own country's political position to this matter and joint research into what happens elsewhere. Within this context we will focus on the impact and influence of globalization and intercultural education with an aim at European identity, European values and future directions in European politics in this issue.We will develop new approaches and use new methods to express our attitudes and expectations of the EU. Modules and teaching units, developed by teachers and students, will be trialed and evaluated in the partner countries and then made available to other schools. Students will recognize the potential of ICT as a means of promoting intercultural dialogue and develop these skills.We will assist students in becoming more informed, responsible and active citizens through our activites. We will help them explore our common Europe in an attempt to preserve it for future generations.Besides,by discovering different lifestyles,students will understand what it means to be EcoEuropean.