TTE LAVA: Train Ticket to Europe, Language Awareness through Visual Arts

TTE LAVA is a project aimed at language learning and practice. Pupils aged 16-19 from a Romanian and a Latvian school practice English while learning each other's language. During a 2-year period pupils will use visual arts such as theatre plays, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and e-art to create a Romanian/Latvian language learning package. This package represents their luggage for a train journey having Romanian and Latvian stations. At the end of this voyage they will have got acquainted with another European culture and language. Project endings include :- Class exchanges: pupils interact in formal and informal environment practicing English, learning Romanian/Latvian, working together on products, rehearsing Shakespeare together, going on document trips, having cultural activities. - Pupils attend 30 hour linguistic preparation in destination language: 20 hours of intensive in-school training with native speakers, 10 hours with own teachers.- Romanian/Latvian language luggage consisting of textual support (a workbook), visual support (illustrations for the workbook, language posters), and audio support (pupils will create a Shakespearean atmosphere with costumes and specific stage setting and will read words, expressions and exercises from the workbook in native language while being filmed).- A short fragment of a Shakespearean play performed in Romanian and Latvian. - Textual, visual, and audio materials will be uploaded in an e-class on twinspace called TTE LAVA Language Store and pupils and staff will be able to visit it and share ideas.- A draft of a Romanian/Latvian optional course.By these results, objectives like innovative foreign language learning and intercultural and interethnic dialogue are attained.