Water is probably the most important resource on Earth. We need water to grow and stay alive. Another way, we can’t forget the live beings need water to survive. According to an ONU report from 2006 (http://www.unesco.org/water/wwap/wwdr2/) the world population is wasting the water resources of the planet in an unsustainable rhythm without precedents, what needs to be rapidly stopped if we wish to avoid a global disaster. Thousand people don’t have access to potable water; in our countries the most effluents are simply poured in the water courses, without treatment. Thousand children die every day as victims of polluted water all over the world. The 4th edition of the World Water Development Report (WWDR4) will be launched on March 2012 and encourage all society to be more responsible action by all water users (http://www.unesco.org/new/en/natural-sciences/environment/water/wwap/wwdr/wwdr4-2012/). We must think about these data. It’s essential that our young people understand we need to save water and to keep its quality in the acceptable limits to ensure life in the Earth. Water must be a shared responsibility. So, we want that the students, and consequently the school and local community, adopt a more positive attitude towards the water, starting to have an active role in the promotion of environmental quality and the sustainable development.At the same time that the students work out the environmental aspects and realise the main dangers for the environment it is also aimed to arouse in them the taste for the other European languages and also the importance to communicate with other peoples in order to establish a true European citizenship. We will develop this project using the web 2.0 and the eTwinning platform to promote a real cooperative work among our team (Comenius Project was aproved).