‘All About Us’ project will enable children to discover many lifestyles about other children all across Europe through collaborative tasks, researching focus and the use of ICT tools. By choosing project activities that are aimed to engage children, such as storytelling, playing games and talent contests we can provide children with real experiences in things they enjoy doing. Through this awareness students can realise that no matter where you live or whatever your culture, there are some things that can be shared by everyone. The love of hearing a story, painting a picture or playing games together can truly bring a wide variety of people together, through sharing similarities and celebrating differences.We plan to do 'The European Comenius Corner: All about us' for dissemination of the project, to perform an 'European Talent contest' and final 'All about us magazine'. An important part of our project is to not only discover new things about other countries, but to teach children about local traditions within their own countries. By self discovery of traditional legends, popular games and local artistry, students can take the responsibility of teaching these things to other students across Europe. By enabling and empowering students to take some management responsibility, we aim to develop self esteem and give each child an important role in the Comenius Project. Developing these essential skill, students can value themselves as being able to make a difference in the Comenius project, and in the long term future a successful and valued member of the European Community.Our project aims to provide children with a unique and memorable opportunity to visit other countries, meet new friends and work with children the same age as them in different parts of Europe.