Big dreams of little feet

This project was inspired by the words from the novel by R. Bach (Jonathan Livingston Seagull): ‘’A seagull is in the point that nothing can deter it to struggle with the difficulties. You are going to learn, not just, not to fall but also to arise by stronger steps in every time you fall’’ This project will be important for the pupils because it will deal with their ways of living, their future expectations, and their future dreams. It will help them consider their future careers. Not only will it allow them to recognize future possible jobs and professions but it will also help them be more self-confident. It will be unique because it combines literature, cinema arts and business.The pupils will record a short film about their future expectations in 10 and 20 years. The communication language of the project will be English. The parents will also be included in this project. The relationship in the family will be reinforced via the project. It will help them know each other better. Our aim is to show our students how better life can be.