The project WebBaltic is set up between seven schools from different countries around the Baltic Sea and aims at improving the basis for communication and cooperation within the Baltic Sea area as a part of Europe. The image of a web is meant to impress on the students the manifold ways in which people around the Baltic Sea are connected. It also lends itself to tying activities from various subjects and for different age groups together and offers the students a feeling of being connected across geographical and cultural borders. The planned activities give the students ample opportunities to improve their skills and their knowledge in various fields (languages, IT, culture, science, geography, etc.). The results are published on eTwinning. In bilateral meetings the students investigate links between their respective countries. In two annual multilateral meetings the students work on different aspects of nets and webs (art and design, music, science sports, etc.) in internationally mixed groups. This allows them to experience authentic communication in English and to practise interaction with students from different nations. They present their results in an exhibition at the school hosting the meeting. Thus they allow the visitors from local schools to experience in how many ways people in the Baltic area are connected.