Experts academy

The project ‘Experts academy’ has a student oriented as well as a school oriented intention. With the students we want to start from the strengths of students with special needs, not from the disability. By working with different themes we want to show each other what we are good in. Until this moment we’ve chosen ICT, art, gardening and cooking. Each partner country has chosen a theme in which the school has a lot of expertise.For the work with the students we always have the same structure. One of the partners prepares a task for the others according to the theme in which he is an expert. This means that students make a work according to some instruction of the teacher. The students take pictures and make videos from the result as well as the process to come to this result. They send the images with instructions to the other partners and they have to try to do the same exercise and achieve a good result. We put together the results of the partners in different ways. In this way we all become an expert in the themes of the others.In the block of each team we plan a meeting in the ‘expert-country’. We also take our students to the meetings. During the meetings we want to work student and teacher oriented. The students work together and try to reach a common goal by working on a common artwork, recipe, … The teachers work in the theme of integration and preparation for later life in society.On teacher level we have the goal to build expertise about integration at school as well as in society. There for we visit the different partner countries to exchange the ideas of inclusion, integration and preparing for later life. The partners work on a common publication in which we describe the way of working in the different countries together with some reflections, impressions and thoughts.We will share all our results on a common Moodle website with an open and closed section to respect the privacy of the students.We have a lot of different activities and different themes. In this way we can try to involve as much students as possible. We think it is important they all can experience the value of working together with students from other countries.