Together we will contribute to creating better common goals and positive human values that coincide as European citizens.The aim of this project is through communication and collaboration of students and teachers from European schools with different cultural, religious, social and ethnic backgrounds to work on breaking stereotypes in thinking and overcoming prejudices.To achieve this we will develop variety and fun educative common activities such as, music, dance, art, sports, traditions, etc., to start showing our partners and the countries involved in this project our own identity (culture, education, customs, habits, concerns, priorities and problems).We will implement a permanent contact among the partners through e-mails exchange, ppt files,video, photo albums, exhibitions of student works, video conferencing; using the opportunities which provide modern ICTTo create interactive spaces such as eTwinning Project, dropbox, wiki pages, gmail accounts, videoconferences ... to share, compare and learn from each other about our experiences.Work on the project, on the one hand, improve relations between students of different ethnicities and associate them to children with special educational needs, on the other – will contribute to building meaningful relationships between teachers and students and increase their commitment to the school life.To dissemine this project in the city we live through all the media:TV, newspapers and internet. To share with as many people and to motivate teachers and students from other schools.As a final outcome, a lip dub video, online game, e-book, handwriting book, dance and music DVDs will be prepared.We aim to involve all the pupils of our school, giving them equal educational opportunities, especially pupils with special needs.