Read, draw and play

This project is for younger children, at the age of 5-10. We will exchange information concerning the following topics: the differences and similarities between our countries, the differences and similarities between favourite children's books. We will also prepare a lot of summaries in the form of photo album, drawings, letters, presentations, port-folio and others. We will draw, write letters, record sounds, films, prepare presentations and posters. We will use IC technology. Classroom work will be based on making projects, and during communication with other students we will use computer and the Internet. Perhaps we will be able to organise a meeting with co-operating students and teachers in order to exchange information directly and in order to get to know each other. Our students will learn how to use English in practice and in everyday situations and how to use the Internet, not necessarily for plying games. The main aim of the project is to arouse children’s awareness concerning the fact that literature in Poland and other European countries are closely related to the European and national culture.