spirit of hope

Our guiding principle is to challenge the misconception that closer European integration diminishes our sense of local, regional or national identity. Implicit in this aim is the development of a deeper understanding of the benefits that closer European ties offer its citizens culturally, educationally and economically. To achieve this, we plan to use the literature from each of the partners’ nations as a means to research and interpret our common traditions, exemplifying our similarities and extrapolating these to identify and celebrate the diversity which has emerged. The format is based upon “the Canterbury Tales”, Our pilgrims are the spirits of Europe from different regions and eras, who meet and initially relate their contribution to modern Europe but during the second year, they express their hopes for it’s future. The project aims to; • Promote respect for European, national and individual traditions. • Illustrate an experience of Europe to pupils with a limited knowledge or experience. • Develop and nurture students’ talents, highlighting literary, social, technological, cultural, sporting and artistic differences and similarities thus creating a positive image of Europe. • Foster a sense of European citizenship through collaborative, creative and sporting means • Share opportunities to experience new perspectives of European ideas and cultures. • Provide participants with the opportunity to develop their ideas creatively and improve their ICT, language, teamwork and research skills. • Generate opportunities for the participants to develop existing talents and acquire new ones. • Collaborate on enriching teaching and learning through the provision of new technologies and communications media • Sharing the outcomes with the local community.