Communication Connects Cultures through Comenius

Our Comenius multilateral project named 'Communication Connects Cultures through Comenius' is intended to meet the new European social requirements, educating young people to communicate and work effectively via new media technologies, while engaging in research and decision-making activities regarding European cultural topics such as: linguistic diversity, ethnic diversity, human rights, European history, in order to counteract educational and social exclusion. We plan to commence our project in September 2011 and develop it throughout 2 years. Our partnership will be comprised of schools from Northern Ireland, Germany, Spain, France and Poland. We will create a shared website where collaborative learning will take place and be on display. Our students will share cultural information through video conferencing, via e-mail and blogs. The website will serve as a database for exchanging positive, inclusive practices amongst educational professionals from all partner schools. Pupils and staff will provide digital resources in preparation for and as a result of each mobility and collaborative activity. We plan to hold several site visits across the two year period which will include teacher and pupil mobilities. The final outcome will be a fully functional, regularly updated website for continued use by pupils and staff which will impact on Learning and Teaching and to be available for members of the wider community as an informative European resource.