A Common Path to Adulthood

Our two year project will build on strengths of previous partnerships and will further develop our pupils understanding of other countries and cultures. Throughout the project pupils will work with pupils in our partner schools to compare our lifestyles, our countries and our cultures. We will create a Pan European toolkit for young Europeans with learning difficulties to support them in transition to independent living. The toolkit will comprise of sections including living in a multicultural and interconnected world, healthy lifestyles, planning a balanced diet, making simple snacks, shopping, using public transport, access to community facilities, agencies that help, staying safe, sex education and relationships, parenting skills and home skills. The toolkit will be developed by practising teachers, health workers, dieticians and supporting agencies during the course of the project, at project meetings and with substantial pupil input and ownership of the end product. The toolkit will be a basis for individual pupil transition planners and will be introduced to all partner schools. At our first meeting all partners will sign the proposed European Declaration on the Health of Children and Young People with Intellectual Disabilities and their Families (World Health Organization 2010) to endorse our commitment to the project and to improving the lives of citizens with learning difficulties.