“Once Upon a Time… a Fairy Tale” is a joint project designed by different European Primary schools from Italy, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Spain. One of the main goals in this project is to work together sharing national tales as well as regional tales. That is why in our first year we will focus on traditional tales in the different countries from Europe we represent. And in our second year we will focus on regional tales. This will make our students aware of the cultural diversity within Europe. Besides, through this project we would like to improve our students linguistic competence in both their mother tongues and in foreign languages. We will promote awareness of different European languages and cultures. Furthermore, we will take into account students with special needs, adapting all the activities programmed to their needs. Moreover, in order to favor communication between our educative communities (schools, teachers, students and parents) we will promote the use of the ICT in developing and sharing outcome activities.