We are planning a multilateral Comenius project about creating a virtual, digital handbook for youngsters in Europe about the countries and regions of the participant schools. As the number of all kinds of mobilities (tourism, studying, working) is growing in Europe among young people, it would be useful to know more information about the countries where they travel. Youngsters often have prejudices and stereotypes instead of really knowing the countries and the people living there. One of the objectives of the future project would be to fight against stereotypes and prejudices. In order to reach this goal students should work about different topics like general imformation about the countries, their culture, sights, language, customs, meals, possible activities, focusing on the things young people are interested in. Students should work in international teams. Each team would work on one topic making surveys, collecting and uploading information about the different topics using ICT tools (word documents, ppts, short films, etc.) and edit the 'chapter' of their own topic in the virtual handbook. There would be a team dealing with the design and construction of the handbook. This handbook would be the final product of the project that we could offer to other schools and institutions. During the mobilities our students can discuss what they expected from the country they are visiting and what they have experienced. We should teach students to work in teams, improve their language skills, learn important things about other European countries and help them to become real European citizens without prejudices and stereotypes. Four of us have already been granted by a Comenius Grant (Italy, Republic Czech, Greece and France): we are now waiting for a twin space in order to be able to start our cooperative work altogether.