Three vocational high schools from three countries (Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary) will get together on a common topic which concerns volunteering in modern society. This area is very important and covers a lot of fields of activity, starting with humanitarian, ecological or youth organizations, continuing with voluntary societies, national collections or help to handicapped children or elderly people. First the students will find out about volunteering in their countries and towns, will inform their partners about the results, then discuss and compare the situation in each country. Together we will think about other people, both young or old, their needs and wishes and do something for them. We are planning to organize an open air afternoon, full of games and competitions during a meeting in Tabor, with all three schools participating. We would like to give a hand in a street collection for handicapped children. The students from Linz will inform about the Children Planet Project. Next area we will deal with is Red Cross and FireBrigade and their activities. As some of our students are already involved in these organizations we will make use of their knowledge and experience. We will make a survey concerning blood donation as some students from our schools take part in blood donation. There is always need for help as disasters happen in or near our regions now. So we are planning to survey and present charity and humanitarian activities which have been taking place in the area hit by red sludge in Hungary in 2010 (It is about 40 kms from Papa.)