A trip through Europe - Entrepreneurship and tourism

The project is about tourism business. The overall project is to lead a tourist with special interests (e.g. music, sustainable tourism) through Europe visiting our partner countries. The trips do also cover different age groups, budget, needs. In the first year we focus on building up our own European tourism company so that the students from different European countries can run the business together. Therefore the students find out what is necessary in each country to set up a company and decide which could be the best place for the company. Students prepare and produce packages concerning travelling through Europe with special interests. These will be published on the webpage and students can proudly see all the work done during the first year. In the second year new trip offers that combine all the ideas of the previous packages that is targeted to different people (e.g. a luxury tour). Then students will have to promote their products and their sense of creativity will be wanted in order to create advertisements. Students will have to organise meetings and to avoid misunderstanding and prejudices students need to do research about social manners and cultural differences of the partners.