starting a profesional carier

Our cultural and professional targets : 1 - To discover the varieties of european people in several fields : -Culltural : history, geography,music, litterature, traditions, cooking, sport, art… -Economical : panel of companies in the local area, conjuncture (employement, foreign trading,…) -Institutional : the European Union organization (European parliament, debates with deputies…) - social : opinion poll in each country about different working conditions (salary, working times, holidays, etc.) in each country and compared Europe-wide in Excel (sheet, special graphs) 2 - To discover jobs like: shop seller, receptionist, secretary, accountant: -To share common skills and know-how in those different jobs -To study differences and resemblances of these jobs between our countries -To get information about our school systems (training, diplomes, professional outlets…) 3 - To organize exchanges between pupils : - To get to know each other by TIC means : students emails, photo gallery, video, diaporama, blog, wiki … -To visit European countries -To allow pupils to integrate school, family ways of life -To organize training periods in companies 4 - To improve the english language.