National traditions.songs and dances

Students and teachers from more then 25 schools, each located in different European country, will collaborate together in order to become familiar with the different cultures of each partner school’s home country through the use of national tradtitions,drama ,arts, songs and dances. Every school involved in this project will first create a PowerPoint presentation on their school and country as well for posting on the eTwinning site. These presentations will then be viewed by students from all schools to provide background information on each partner school. Each school will then present one national tradition through Power point presentation and illustrations created by the students in their art class. All national traditions from all European countries will be published in English language in e-book with students illustrations and share with students ,parents and to local community. Each school will print the e-book and copies of it will be given to the schools and local libraries.Each school will present one national song and one national dance performed by the students in national language and recorded in video file.All video files will be published on the project web site. The partners traditions will be randomly assigned between partners and each school will perform one of the partners traditions in English together with the relevant national song and dance .These performance will be recorded as video file and posted on the project web site to all partners to watch in English classes, and pictures will be taken for posting on the eTwinning site. The age range for the students involved in this project will range from 6 to 12 years old. Teachers and students will be able to communicate and further comment on all aspects of this project via the eTwinning Project Forum and on Google Group,Skype