12 Photos- 12 Months

This project uses the creation of a joint illustrated calendar as a ground for its development. We will be guided by the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The main idea of the illustrations is to be taken at the same spot in our towns, month after month, revealing the changes in weather, scenery and people activity. The calendar will be put together using a collaborative tool (google docs) by the students in the two schools. But this is only one side of the project, let’s say the “artistic” one. The joint calendar will point out the most important events in the partner schools activity (celebrations, festivals, contests, exams), in order to get to know each other better. The school year overlaps two important years from the social point of view (2011, European year of volunteering and 2012, European year for active ageing and solidarity between generations), so the highlights will be the social activities dedicated to the voluntary work from September to December 2011 and to the elders’ involvement during the last part of the project. Every activity will be presented using an ICT or web tool at students’ choice and the final results will be a brochure of the calendar and a webpage with the presentations of every important activity. There will also be a contest for the project logo and icon, a trilingual illustrated dictionary regarding social involvement and citizenship, final evaluation surveys and quizzes, and 2 videoconferences, one in December 2011 and one in June 2012, to evaluate the work done in the project until that moment and to share our impressions.