Being Young in Europe

This Twinspace will be used to share results of the Comenius Project with the same name. Students embark on a joint adventure with other European fellow students to find out what it means to grow up and be a teenager in different European countries. They will acquire an understanding of cultural, ethnic, religious, social, economic and societal determiners that have an effect on their sense of belonging. Students have already chosen those aspects that are important to them in describing their lives: Life at school, Life after School (including lifestyle choices in a globalised world, pocket money, hobbies, risks), dawning Adulthood (including welcoming rituals, future visions, participation) and Youth Culture (including youth scenes, teenage language, aspects of identity). Project based learning assignments will allow students to express their visions, hopes, experiences and knowledge in these fields. All investigations are presented in digital form to share with the enlarged learning community: Image galleries, PPP, videos, an online dictionary, a digital cookery book, a Wiki and blogs encourage students to share and compare their work and appreciate the diversity in Europe. As “music transcends barriers and appeals to what we have in common” (Herbie Hancock, Jazz musician), a hymn will be written, composed and recorded to combine all the findings and reflections on teenage life. They will be reflected in the style of music, the content expressed in the verses, the choice of dance and movement in choreography or the clothes worn in the video. Students contribute material in English and in their native languages. Each project meeting has the hymn as its recurrent topic. Besides that participants consolidate their knowledge of topics already completed by the students at home and they get the chance to participate in the other European cultures.