Migration in the EU

The history of migration is as old as the history of mankind. The EU is unimaginable without internal and external migration - but Europe also needs a common migration policy. When speaking of migration, the media primarily concentrate on irregular migration, with immigrants posing a threat rather than representing a profit to people in immigrant countries. However, a great number of immigrant countries have their own history of emigration. It is the aim of the project to deal with this history of emigration and immigration. In this context, the composition of the team offers interesting perspectives. The following aspects will have to be investigated in more detail: the history of migration, job migration, refugee and asylum politics, internal migration within the EU, irregular migration, the consequences of eastern enlargement, push and pull factors, literature and music dealing with the experiences of migrants or the experience of migration, racism, prejudices and xenophobia. Apart from the aspects of content mentioned above, social and emotional aspects will be as important as the project work in focus. Colleagues and students will get to know each other much better. This will reduce prejudice and result in an understanding for different attitudes. The personal contact is an essential motivation for any further work on the topic. The cooperation with external partners from migration associations will encourage students to concentrate on a more detailed access to specific problems. Throughout the project particular attention should always be paid to the experiences of pupils with a background of migration.