Our project during which students from six countries will discover different eating habits in Europe. It will be a study of the geographical, environmental, climatic and historical factors determining the different eating tendencies and a study of the best, healthiest, most correct European diets. "Food feeds the soul " is an old Indian saying and we want the young generations to rediscover the flavours of the past, but also to cultivate a love for growing food, as well as to inspire them to make the right choices while doing shopping and planning meals. Participants will acquire and share knowledge, gain experience in school subjects (English, Food Science, History, Geography, Biology, Business and ICT, Health Studies, Cooking, Catering and Food Processing) according to their curriculum, and get an insight into possible future professions, thus enhancing their sense of entrepreneurship. Students and teachers of all participating countries will cooperate by exchanging information, research and data; they will organise/attend multinational workshops and use both theoretical and practical methods coupled with ICTs. They will discuss their findings with local authorities, citizens and secondary schools, thus disseminating their data. The final products of the project will be: a project logo, a cooking glossary in English and the other participants' languages, a book of healthy recipes, a calendar, web pages and DVDs, a book about historical periods in the cuisine of each country and containing traditional recipes from each area, a project website and its maintenance.