Travelling through the seas of Europe

In the project, “Travelling through the seas of Europe” try to educate our students about the importance of our seas and encourage them to think of different ways that you can appreciate and protect them for the future It is about knowing the various seas of Europe: history, geography, legends, the influence of sea power, resources, communication, environmental, living things and their relationships, problems and cautions of contamination of these valuable treasures , culture, etc. At the same time we try to create a consciousness that is sensitive to the formation and contribution to a sustainable environment in the seas ... in the end bring the sea to the school as a motivating element in education. Therefore this project seeks to raise awareness to our children about the importance of our seas and encourage them to think of different ways you can appreciate and protect them. Through the story about a Sardine Traveling "ENIDRAS" who wants to learn many things through the seas of Europe. Several schools in Europe, near the coast, come together in this project to encourage students from 3 to 12 years old to work and learn together, with new technologies to obtain information for the project, looking for better communication through English. Find similarities and differences through the comparison and exchange of information. Furthermore, the project also aims at improving the communication skills of students and teachers to promote educational exchanges between schools in Europe. When students realize the importance of our oceans for the future of Europe will help to promote tolerance and understanding among nations. The project will also work on "good manners" with the incorporation of habits, attitudes, behaviors, etc. For good European education with the participation of all elements of society and the educational community.