The role of energy in and for our life

This eTwinning project is based on the Comenius partnership. The students will learn the European (global) dimension of the problematic of saving energy and using it carefully. They will learn to do experiments and they will learn how to measure carefully and safely. In current ecological and economical situation it is important to motivate young persons to study science at secondary and higher level in order to rear new talented scientists who will be knowledgeable in solving different ecological problems. That is why the theme of our project is “The Role of Energy in and for our Life” and the main aim is to motivate students to study science in order to keep in balance human being — nature by extensive exploration of such a pending matter of science as “Energy”. In the frame of the project students guided by teachers research the role of energy. They prepare presentations, posters, videos, charts etc. about getting and use of different kinds of energy in their countries and compare the results with partners. In each country students visit an enterprise which is somehow connected with power industry, participate in physical experiments and generate their ideas about effective use of energy in our life. In their turn teachers exchange their experience in methodology, approaches and materials. Look for new methods – how to make science more attractive for students.