The main aims of the "Go green, go clean act now" project are to educate our pupils to become aware of and interested in their environment and human well-being, committed to a sustainable way of living, to get common awareness about our planet, what to do, how to act. Through this project, our students will become aware that the environmental issue is a world wide problem. The climate protection is perhaps the key challenge the next generation will be facing. They will learn about the challenges and opportunities we are facing now and in the furture. Participation in development and evaluation of activities in each school from the perspective of sustainable development and comparison with international partner schools will enhance our pupilsĀ“ skills to influence environmental matters. The formal education is extremely important in order to create awareness and understanding. An important part of our project is that the children from all partner schools have the same thoughts and they will become aware of the importance of learning about the chosen subject, in order to understand why they should act now. To think new thoughts be innovative. They have to face the challenge, to deal with the problem, not being "lazy" or on the opposite, scared. - We want them to become truly European active citizens. Be aware, that they make a difference. Small wheels can move big things!