In the next future, more than 80% of the population of Europe will be living an urban lifestyle, in or near a city. Consequently it is becoming increasingly important for European children to be able to “read” our cities. Our aim is to explore a theme of Urbanism and European Citizenship in a fast changing Europe. Our schools are situated in urban contexts in big cities, capital cities or cities with important historical and multicultural aspects. Our project aims to focus on the process the pupils will be follow to build a Community of learners interacting with their partners , exploring their environments and forming their own identity in a wider community. By pooling our experience, knowledge and competences we aim to promote an intercultural education programme by focusing on cross curricular integration and communication. A key aim is to engage children from disadvantaged backgrounds and minority ethnics in an inclusive project and to provide them with opportunity for experiences they otherwise would not have access to. Actively participating in the knowledge construction process, children will build awareness of their own learning, feel more engaged in their education and be less likely to drop out of secondary school. We hope to develop their sense of belonging to a Community of Learners as well as to local, national and European communities at alongside improving their social skills, creativity, tolerance and open mindedness towards cultures and languages diversity. We aim to focus on media, ICT and languages that European children need in order to communicate with other cultures, ways of thinking and living.