Climb a hill with CLIL

A penpal project where the children get closer to eachother, their daily lifes, countries and culture using email, chat, audio and video recordings, powerpoint presentations and photo albums. Also, the children are divided in 5 mixed nationality groups who compete in different games and activities during the whole school year. Each team has to climb up a virtual hill, a representation of the highest mountain of each country. The Slovakian half teams climb up on the east side (being an eastern European country), and the Spanish half teams climb up on the west side (being a western european country). The more points they win, the quicker they go up. The winner is the team from which both halves have reached the top and finally meet. The topics of the games and activities are based on what the children have learned in their CLIL lessons, since the teachers of both countries are preparing their CLIL lessons together.