SOS Animals

The theme of the project is based on the problems of mistreated, abandoned dogs and cats in Ploiesti and Fuerteventura: the people who work in council kennels or associations for the protection of animals need volunteers to walk the animals, to take care of the area, to grow trees and plants. Dogs and cats are abandoned because people are not conscious that animals are a responsability for life. Dogs to hunt or dogs of a dangerous breed are also abandoned because their owners don't want to spend a cent looking after them. Cats are not neutered so more and more cats grow and are stray in the island. There are some kennels where animals are not sacrified but, unluckily, most of them are obliged to do that by law. Owing to the international economic crisis things are getting much worse because the numb er of abandoned animals is growing. One of the most urgent aims of the project is to make students and people in general conscious about the terrible situation of these animals so that we all can do something about it.