Waterpedia - The elexir of life

The project offers the students the possibility to broaden their minds by researching the different natures of water and its necessity for our lives. The students of the Spanish and the German partner schools get in contact via their Twinspace by introducing themselves to each other with the help of personal profiles and a photo-gallery and by using web-conference through Skype. In mixed teams of both schools they independently agree on the specific sub-topics they want to deal with and together find out about the various physical conditions of water, describe important national or regional places related to that element and inform about environmental issues and global problems people in Europe and worldwide have to cope with. With the help of their reading skills they employ various kinds of media to investigate about their individual topics. The students have to use their writing skills and creativity as well as the IT-tools provided by eTwinning to prepare the single project results. During the project work both groups develop their knowledge about the role of water and its impact on their lives. Using the English language as a medium for a mutual understanding and work within the project groups the students will develop their language skills by publishing all their investigations via the tool Wiki in their Twinspace.