The magic of books

Our Comenius project assumes that some information about national books which can be recommended and some information about their authors will be exchanged. Primary school pupils are going to read 7 books of children's literature. It is a cross cultural one developing students reading abilities by providing them materials from different countries and writers, classical texts but also modern children's literature (e.g. „Matylda” Roald Dahl, „Le Petit Nicola” René Goscinny, „The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” Mark Twain, „Le Petit Prince” Antoine de Saint Exupéry etc). Everyone read the same books for example: 4 available books in all languages of the project, but also they choose their own one national book which has summary in English language they place back on the project website. There can be some legends, folk stories, folk tales, jokes, anecdotes and works including famous folk characters. Children rewrite this stories in their own words in English. Children also read simple books in English and submit them to partners. At the meetings children will present both the national and English book.