"Environmental Project :We will save our EARTH . We can unite to save it. ”

The Earth is populated by an endless diversity of organisms that have adapted ,during the centuries ,to survive in the variety of environments on our planet after the incessant action of natural selection and the changing environmental conditions. Pollution, though, is a huge threat against which there are no forms of successful adaptation. Life on the planet is changing and so our Earth is dying. Air, water, earth and ocean ecosystems are collapsing. A WWF report indicates” that one third of the natural world has been destroyed by humans over the past three decades” and we are in a condition called "ecological overshoot day". Overshoot Day marks an unlucky day: the day when humanity begins living beyond its ecological means. The conservation of the environment and its diversity is a moral duty of man, conscious of being part of a broader ecological relationship in which he is inserted in the same way as the other endangered species and ,for this ,needs protection. What can we do to save our planet? We can unite to save it. We can plan interventions that conservation cannot ignore the knowledge of biodiversity, the geological heritage, habitats and ecosystems.